A User's view of Hledger

Learning about hledger

Do you need to learn more about hledger?

In one sense, there is a lot that you don’t have to learn about hledger. What I mean is that it’s relatively easy to look up information. A search of the documentation will often lead you to the answer you need.

However, you really want to have the basic ideas and commands committed to memory. While it can be quick to look something up, it’s even faster if you can pull it from memory.

So, if you need to learn something, what is the best way? I will point you to a group that does the best research that I know of concerning learning: The Learning Scientists.

I especially like the summaries of the learning strategies.

The Learning Scientist group has sifted through mountains of educational studies to find what we can put our most confidence in concerning learning. For example, are there multiple studies that confirm the same result, or is there only one study saying this? If there are several separate studies that confirm the same principle, that’s one that you can be more confident about.

One key takeaway for me is that what appears to me to be effective learning can in reality be ineffective. What I mean is that there are activities that can make you feel as if you are learning learning, but in reality they aren’t that helpful. It’s important to know the difference between something that feels like learning but isn’t, and something that may not feel like learning but actually is.

In short, if you want to learn more about hledger, first visit The Learning Scientists. See if there are any learning strategies that you should adopt in order to be a better learner, and consequently a more proficient hledger user in less time.

[I have no affiliation with The Learning Scientists. Just someone who appreciates their work.]