A User's view of Hledger

Learning about hledger

Helping others see how useful hledger can be

I have a vision of helping people find out how useful hledger is.

Therefore, I am in the process of making a number of changes to this website. As a result, things will be under construction for a while.

Here are some of my goals regarding this site:

– Fix the problem with RSS feeds not working
– Add a page with links to useful hledger-related resources
– Add a page giving an overview of why this website exists

As a first step, I moved the site’s content from a static page to a WordPress site. However, as you can see, the URL remains the same.

However, there is much more to be done. And it likely to take some weeks before I get something that I am reasonably satisfied with.

The process of designing a website with WordPress is entirely new to me. It’s going to take some time. But I believe that the goal will be worth it.

Stay tuned!

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