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Three reasons why I created the hledger fan YouTube channel

So far, the hledger fan YouTube channel has done well. There are a total of 18 videos helping beginners to improve their hledger knowledge and skills. The most popular video has almost 4 thousand views, and every video has at least hundreds of views.

Why did I start this channel?

Three reasons come to mind. This first relates to the world of work, where in 2019 I completed a course on creating video for educational purposes. I learned a lot, but at the end I realized that if I didn’t practice my video-making skills, they would quickly erode. However, I didn’t have any videos that I needed to make for my job right at that time. Fearful of letting my newfound skills atrophy and disappear, I decided to make some hledger videos (on my own time, of course!) to keep in practice.

Second, I wanted to improve my hledger abilities. One way to learn something better is to teach it, so creating these videos would help me. I have to confess, though, that this was not 100% successful. There were a couple of times I watched one of my own videos a year or two later because I had forgotten exactly how something worked.

Finally, I hoped to assist people new to hledger, showing them how some of the basic features worked. There are a number of good resources for learning hledger, but not so many instructional videos. So, it was time to add some more.