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Upgrading to hledger 1.32, a book on graphic design, and ledger-mode-clean-buffer

hledger 1.32 now available

The latest version of hledger, 1.32, was recently announced. If you want to keep current, and you are running an older version, it’s time to upgrade. I got the latest version, and the process was smooth and uneventful.

A book on graphic design for people who work with plain text?

I will make a guess that most of us hledger people are not talented graphic designers. I am certainly not. And why would we be? After all, we work in plain text!

There are times, however, when we need to have a professional-looking design, perhaps for a brochure or for the cover of a report. The Non-Designer’s Design Book can put you on the right path, even if you think that you are allergic to graphic design. Recommended.

Here is the full title and author information: Non-Designer’s Design Book, The 4th Edition, by Robin Williams. (No, not the actor: someone else with the same name.)

Emacs and ledger-mode-clean-buffer

Some commands work so well, they almost become invisible. For me, that’s the case of the ledger-mode-clean-buffer for Emacs. If you don’t use Emacs, feel free to stop reading, as this won’t apply to you.

I use ledger-mode-clean-buffer after entering and reconciling new transactions. The first result is that this command puts the transactions in order by date. The second is that it cleans up the spacing, so indentations line up. Sorting and aligning your data makes your transactions easier to read. My thanks to whoever created this useful command.