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using hledger for thanksgiving

It’s Thanksgiving Day in the U.S. today. Whether or not this is a holiday for you, here are three ways that you can use hledger for giving thanks.

First, use the command

hledger register income:

This will show you all the income lines in your current hledger data file. While there are more important things in life than income, you can still be thankful for the income that you have received.

Second, run the command

hledger register expenses:

Now you will see where you spent money. How can you be thankful for money that has gone? You can be thankful for what you received in exchange for your money. Again, there are more important things in life than what you spend our money on, but you can nevertheless be thankful for purchases that improved your life.

Third, in reviewing your expenses, you may see some purchases that were not wise decisions. Now you can be thankful for tools such as hledger that point out areas where changes in your spending will bring about better results.

Final note, the above also applies to time, if you are using hledger to track time. That is: How much time did you have? What did you spend it on? Where would changes be beneficial? These are questions that can lead to a better future.

Happy Thanksgiving!