A User's view of Hledger

Learning about hledger

Why I installed ledger

As mentioned last week, Emacs is my tool of choice when I work with my hledger data files. Emacs has something called ledger-mode, which vastly improves working with ledger and hledger files. Ledger-mode had consistently worked well for me for several years.

And then ledger-mode stopped working. This slowed down my hledger work. For example, I could no longer use Ctrl-c Ctrl-c to mark a posting as having been cleared. Yes, I could insert an asterisk in the right place manually, but I had been spoiled by the ledger-mode shortcut. I missed that and other ledger-mode shortcuts, such as ledger-mode-clean-buffer that tidies up my transactions and sorts them by date. How to make ledger-mode work again?

An internet posting mentioned that ledger-mode doesn’t work if ledger is not installed. I had installed ledger years ago, but I did a check and somehow it was no longer installed. So, I installed a fresh version of ledger, and now ledger-mode works again.

Upgrading hledger to version 1.32.2

In case you haven’t heard, hledger v. 1.32.2 has been released. I upgraded, and 1.32.2 is running fine for me.